We all have a family. Even if you are living alone you have a father and a mother. Even if you might feel that you were abandoned, your pure exist is because of your parents. Your very first cell was created by your father´s and mother´s cell, which includes all the genetic information from them. Your family includes your grandparents, and their elders, your partner, all your love relationships, your kids...etc. All having an impact on you and your business. With the constellation work you can discover the hidden patterns and dynamics in your family which might hold you back to reach your freedom.


You are the center of your systems. You should be the one, who take the responsibility, who take action and create order and balance. Best in a way which suits you the most. It is however often hard to see ourselves, our motivations and actions clearly. This is why a constellation is a great method, because you can step into different perspectives and experience your issues from other points of views and get a clearer picture of your systems. Eventuelly it is you who need to take action and change, with the constellation we create a safe space for more ideas and better solutions.


If you own a business, you are a sole entrepreneur or work in a team, you also have a certain structure, system where you put into all your thoughts, feelings, belief and behavioral patterns.   Take the components of your business plan, draft your structures and strategies, and should you face a challenge, it is revolutionary to have a new perspective and constellate your business models, partnerships, team, marketing campaigns, ideal customers, success and failure stories, your relationship with money... With the intention of becoming more aware of your hidden dynamics to get to new solutions and innovative ideas.

An innovative method to create order in your systems

You might already have experienced, that you function in your business the similar way, like in your family. Setting up a project or a business also requires a certain structure. Like a family, a business is also a system. Your success can be measured on how well you have planned your business, how detailed you are and how you can organize yourself and the team, whether everything was considered and whether every part of your system is stable and on its spot. Furthermore, by revealing your hidden, un-conscious patterns, beliefs and thoughts you can finally have the missing element, the new idea, the solution to move on and work towards your dreams and visions.

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Following universal rules and laws are considered in the constellation work:


Like all the members in your family, also the members of your business need to be acknowledged and respected. Everyone has the right to belong to your system, even if they are not active anymore, even if they are forgotten or not honoured.


There is a certain hierarchy (order) both in our family and in business. First born comes first and likewise first projects comes first. The elders give (with support, energy...etc.), the youngers receive and respect the elders. Should this order will not be kept, we might have some difficulties.


The system is aiming for balance and harmony. If something happens and the system is tipped out, the energy is missing, because something is not acknowledged or forgotten, or someone has taken over someone else´s fate or destiny (interlocking) and there is a burden (more energy, than needed). 

Are you interested to have better connections, clear structures and 

more balance in your systems?

Online Constellation Topics

This section presents some of the business related issues you might have for a constellation work


some of the happy clients who already experienced the online constellation and created order and balance in their systems

Jennifer Cain
This service exceeded my expectations. Orsolya held a deeply loving space for me as I moved through a deep wound and uncovered things about my family that I had NO IDEA could even be true! But they where! And it instantly healed the troubles I was having with my mother and helped me find my rightful place in the family again. Thank you so so much.
Estela Kun
Thank you Orsolya so much for your inspiring and eye opening work. I'm super intrigued to learn more and see the best applications of the online business constellation work in the online marketing campaigns we are currently running. I feel great potential and the evolution of the new generation of businesses. Freedom Experience
Julia Chants
This method is not only interesting, but enables a lot of recognitions! It is the best tool I have ever come across for supporting the function and growth of my business. Thank you Orsi!
Mese Lulich
I liked that the constellations are hidden, so I could not manipulate things. I liked also that Orsolya is patiently going through more options, ask questions, like a detective. :) I confess the beginning with the meditation was a bit long for me, I could hardly dive into the feelings, but I know, I still have some difficulty silencing my mind. I recommend the online constellation, because it is done in a supportive and safe atmosphere, in a field where you can be open with your story. It is much easier to solve the problems this way and to accept the answers.


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